Worldwide Frontier Spanish Lessons

Expand your potential with Spanish language lessons from Worldwide Frontier LLC.  From business to travel, culture, and media, the Spanish language is rapidly becoming key to both social fluency and professional development in America.  Our professional, native Spanish speaker instructors will guide you on custom-designed lessons to achieve your Spanish language goals.

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Spanish native speaker instructors available in these cities and the surrounding areas:

Cincinnati, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

Lexington, Kentucky

Florence, Kentucky


Why Learn Spanish?

Learning the Spanish language opens a huge number of doors, whether your interest is travel, better job prospects, or even exploring new cultures within the United States.  With more than 470 million Spanish speakers worldwide, and close to 50 million speakers in the United States alone (that’s 15% of the population!), knowing Spanish will increase your opportunities just about anywhere.

Fast Facts

  • 470 million native speakers
  • 3rd most widely spoken language in the world
  • 3rd most used language on the Internet
  • Spoken in 21 countries


The Frontier Difference

Worldwide Frontier Spanish language lessons take into account the vital importance of the language both globally and locally.  We take a total student development approach to learning Spanish, and so lessons incorporate Conversation, Writing, Culture, and Global Leadership.  Our instructors align these components to your goals, and design lessons that produce meaningful conversation and real results.

  1. The conversation component involves speaking, listening, and reading.  Through targeted instruction and practice of these three skills, students experience comprehensive improvement in the total communication ability.
  2. The writing component gives students the opportunity to practice and develop strong written Spanish, a valuable skill-set that can potentially give them a competitive advantage in the global market.
  3. The culture component teaches students not only the key differences between culture and communication styles, but also the subtle and nuanced ones that impact human interactions.
  4. The global leadership component explores the different leadership styles that have appeared in response to the global economy and prove effective in impacting it.

Our mission is complete development for our students.  As such, we combine these four elements to make language learning more than a communication skills, but a life skill as well.


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