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Unlock an enormous world of travel, culture, cuisine, and business opportunities with Mandarin Chinese language lessons at Worldwide Frontier LLC.  With nearly one billion native speakers worldwide, Mandarin Chinese is the world’s most widely spoken language.  Our Mandarin Chinese instructors are native Chinese speakers and can help you achieve your Chinese language goals.  Whether you are traveling or going on a business trip, our instructors will create a program that is suitable for your level and needs.


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Mandarin Chinese native speaker instructors available in these cities and the surrounding areas:

Cincinnati, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

Lexington, Kentucky

Florence, Kentucky


Why Learn Mandarin Chinese?

With 5,000 years of history and a fifth of the world’s population, the opportunities and adventure in China are nearly limitless.  Whether your interests are business or cultural, learning Mandarin Chinese grants access to an enormous part of the world.  China is also home to nearly a fifth of the Global Fortune 500 companies.  Further, with 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it ranks second in the world for these protected areas of beauty and culture.

Fast Facts

  • 955 million native speakers
  • Top most widely spoken language in the world
  • 2nd most used language on the Internet
  • World’s 2nd largest economy


Why Choose Us?

Our instructors are native Chinese speakers and are highly passionate about teaching Chinese language and culture.  There are thousands of Chinese characters that can be learned in order to be able to read at an advanced level.  While it may seem like a daunting task, our instructors customize your lessons so that you can take it step by step to improve your skills in a fun and enjoyable manner.

Although guides to travel and culture in mainland China are becoming more and more available, true understanding of such a vast and diverse country comes only with “insider” information.  Our Mandarin Chinese instructors are here to provide you just that kind of access with personal experiences and firsthand knowledge of life in China.

China is the second largest economy in the world, and you may be interested not only in Chinese business culture, but other aspects such as food, art, technology, music, among many other topics.  Worldwide Frontier Mandarin Chinese lessons provide the opportunity to learn and speak about all of the exciting things happening in China.  Or if you are planning on taking a trip to China, you can get tips from your instructor about where to stay and what to do during your trip.


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Learn Mandarin Chinese | Worldwide Frontier LLC
Learn Mandarin Chinese | Worldwide Frontier LLC